Sunday, December 16, 2012


SATURDAY, 15th DECEMBER ~ Someone asked me to eat out today so we went to AEON Bukit Indah (formerly known as Jusco) for a late lunch. At first we went to Kenny Roger's Roasters but there was no vacant seat. For the second option, we went to Nando's.

Food portion I couldn't finish
I think it would be best not to come here on weekends as there were many people and it was difficult to get a parking space. Always blame the Singaporeans.

Just a few hours after that, I had another meeting which was meant to be a movie date with two ex-students, at the same place. Although the movie only started at 8:45 p.m., we were there much earlier by 6:15 so could sit downfirst and chit-chat.

We wanted something not that heavy but the movie would take three long hours to finish so we still needed something that would prevent us from hunger. Hence, I chose Secret Recipe for the rendezvous so we could have cakes and coffee.

The cinema at Bukit Indah is the newest one in Johor Bahru and it was my first time there. The place and cinema hall looked bigger, and the seats were more comfortable but of course it was more expensive. I still don't mind going to the one nearer to my house as it is much cheaper.

And I arrived home after midnight and luckily my carriage did not turn into a pumpkin and I did not lose my glass slippers. I had enjoyed the outing tremendously but I hoped I had not grown fat after all the eating sessions.