Sunday, December 9, 2012


vagabond ~ moving from place to place without a fixed home.

We intentionally chose Harbour Plaza Resort City for our accommodation throughout the five days stay in Hong Kong. It is situated at the north side of HK and quite far from the city centre. We wanted a more comfortable room so we didn't really mind the traveling. Besides, we wanted to experience the life of the Hongkongese. It was far alright and we traveled for only five days but there are other people who commute on the train to and from work everyday.

For our five days stay, we had to pay  about USD444. Even though it might sound VERY expensive for a budget traveler like us, we would still have to pay the same amount of money if we booked a room in the city centre BUT the room would be much much smaller and the reviews written by others were not that encouraging. We need to pamper ourselves once in a while, right?

After checking in, the front desk staff told us that we had been upgraded to deluxe room for free and we wondered how the room would be like. And, once we entered the room which was located on the 25th floor, we knew we had made the right decision. We were happy enough to get to stay in a room which I would consider a luxury.

the view from the window
the night view
I really liked the night view from the window. The lights outside were bright enough and it was as if I was watching a big screen TV show that would put me off to sleep.

the lobby area

Christmas spirit in the air

ready to leave

goodbye room 2519

All in all, it was a pleasant stay. There was nothing to complain. And I have written a good review in Agoda for the hotel.