Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Why was I reading this book? Mainly because my old friends were discussing about this book on Facebook but not in a direct manner so I was getting curious. The similar thing happened when they discussed the Malay movie "Ombak Rindu" so I went to watch it, but I was not tempted to subscribe to Astro Channel when they continuously commented on another Malay miniseries "Adam dan Hawa" (or is it already becoming a telenovela?).

Back to the book. Initially it was an interesting read, when Anastasia, the girl next door, fell in love with the super rich guy named Christian. How rich was he? He was the CEO of his own company, had a private jet, flew his own helicopter, and presented Anastasia with a brand new sports car on her graduation day. Their love developed (or was it lust?) but in the end, Anastasia seemed not to enjoy the company of Christian anymore. The plot was alright but then it was a love story told from a very weird perspective. Definitely not suitable for the young ones and I wonder whether this kind of book should be sold in Malaysian market.

There are many distracting and unnecessary parts which I could simply skip without missing any important points of the plot development. By the way, it is a trilogy which means there are two more sequels to this. And will I be interested to know what will happen to Anastasia and Christian eventually? NO, thank you so much.

One word I can describe this novel: SICK. I still read it as I hate leaving a book halfway read after buying it. 

I am now already on the first chapter of another novel with a setting in Africa and hope it will have more lessons that I can learn. *sigh*