Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The journey to the other parts of the world  continued. If you were planning to visit this park and had the intention to explore by walking, make sure you are physically fit and also wear the right kind of shoes. There were other means of transportation in the park but they were not free.



We came across this roller coaster ride when we saw people were queuing up. The line was short so we decided to give it a try by paying 20 yuen each. This was actually a roller coaster from the era of coal mining many years back. The carriage was made of wood, the seat was like what you would find in an old bus or train. There was no security latch that would hold you from falling out of the coaster and the only safety equipment was ONE VERY LONG safety belt that would strap across two people. The ride was scary but the people did not scream much. I was even asking Shafiq why were these people very quiet. That was the most traditional roller coaster ride I had ever experienced.

There was another coaster ride but it was not in operation on that day.

who is that on the wall?

For the more adventurous and strong one, you could try rock climbing at one spot of the park. Again, you will have to pay 20 yuen for that. Everything was charged at a flat rate here it seemed: the tram ride, the rent for putting on the colourful costumes, getting around the park on the train, going up on the lift up the Eiffel Tower, etc.


Even though this structure was smaller from the original version, it was still considered a gigantic work of art and architecture. We went up the small lift to be on a higher level of the tower. We spent the short time there observing the scenery below and around. My main concern was when the wind was blowing strong, would the tower sway as well? *scary thought*

the view from the top

 Westminster Abbey


One whole day of walking finally came to an end. It was a place worth going. Although the structures were all fake, we had enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Kudos to the people who had surely spent hours rebuilding and reconstructing the famous landmarks from all over the world.