Friday, December 7, 2012


SYNOPSIS: Nina was a prosecutor and she dealt with children who were abused. Once, her own son, Nathaniel, had to be sent to a psychiatrist when he had difficulties communicating and in the end they discovered that the kid was molested by a priest, Father Glen, from the church during a  Sunday school. Being a very protective mother, Nina took the law into her own hands and he shot the priest to death when he was about to be prosecuted as she believed that the court wouldn't do her son justice. To make matter worse, after the DNA test result was out, Father Glen was not the one who molested Nathaniel in the first place. This means Nina had murdered someone who was innocent and things got really complicated and hence the courtroom drama continued. I will not disclose the ending of the story but it is a bit illogical to me as the criminal was not convicted but there is an unexpected twist in the end that I think was brilliant.

This should be my seventh Picoult's novel and I am never tired reading her work. Now I have to pick another novel and hopefully I will be able to finish at least two more books before the school reopens.