Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Eid ul-Adha was celebrated once again by Muslims all over the world. However, at my place, it was not as joyous as Eid ul-Fitri, when a lot of visiting activities are carried out. I myself would just go the mosque for the Eid prayer, then attending a short tahlil and later on went to visit the graves of my late parents and lastly went to my sister's place, or she would come over with the other family members. The rest of the day would be spent at home - doing nothing but eating and watching television.

This year, nevertheless, it was a bit different because I went visiting. Puan Roslina who did not go back to her hometown in Terengganu was having some sort of an open house for friends. When I arrived at her house, to my delight, a group of friends were already there. My choice of food would definitely a specialty of Terengganu which was Nasi Dagang.

The second house that I went to was Puan Zakiah's. Not actually because of Eid ul-Adha, but to visit her son who met with an accident last week on his way to Cameron Highlands. The boy was thrown out of the emergency door at the back of the moving bus onto the road but thank God, he only suffered minor injuries. As usual there was a lengthy conversation with the parents and got to meet two of their children who were ex-students: Safia and Adam.

That was how I spent my Eid ul-Adha break. One thing for sure, I need to lose this weight, soon.