Thursday, November 25, 2010


22nd NOVEMBER - I had to be in at Putrajaya for work reason but after having travelled very far, I had to make full use of the time. As I did not have the chance to meet an ex-colleague, Puan Nooraini Mohd. Nor, when I was in Kajang earlier last month so this was the best time to have a reunion with a long lost friend. Puan Nooraini left SMK Taman Universiti in 1998 when she moved to Pahang and is now lecturing in one of the teachers' teaching colleges.

Puan Nooraini and her husband, Mr. Rahman, were very kind enough to meet my friend and I at the airport, and send us to Putrajaya. Right after that they took us for lunch at Restoran Saba in Cyberjaya. I guess this eating place is a well-known spot as most of the tables were occupied.

The restaurant specializes in Arab food. So I had the opportunity to have lunch the Arab way. We had Chicken Hanith - the rice similar to the Malay's "nasi minyak" but with longer kind of rice, with roasted chicken in aluminium foil and side dishes of sauce made from mashed tomatoes, cucumber and pineapple cut (something like acar) and dhal gravy. We also tried new drinks called Babrican, most probably the Arab carbonated fruit drinks that came in different flavours.

That was a new eating out experience for me and once the tummies were full, we were taken to visit Puan Nooraini's home in Nilai before one more final activity right after that. To be continued...