Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I had the chance to meet the future juniors of SMKTUN. I was invited to give a talk, or should I say a briefing, to the Year 6 students of SK Taman Universiti 3, the nearest primary school which will be sending most of its students to my school every year. It was one of the after UPSR examination programmes.

It was a good thing to do because in a way some important information can be conveyed to them before they start their new secondary school session next year. Even though they will be provided with more briefings during the Orientation Week, I could tell them what to expect and do on the first day of school in January 2011.

All in all, they seemed eager to know with students asking a few questions during the Q&A session. So hopefully they will be mentally prepared to go to another stage of their education life next year.