Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today was the last day of school for the students, for my school that is. Next week, there will two days holiday for Aidil Adha. With three days left and students having completed their final examination, it would be best to give them holidays earlier. Based on experience, when students came to school when exams were over, all hell breaks loose. This idiom might in a way exaggerate but it is much better for them to stay home. With all the work waiting for the teachers to complete before the dateline, this is actually a win-win situation. The students are happy, the teachers are happier.

How time flies. It was as if I only I saw them coming for registration yesterday, and now they are going to the morning session already. It is always a pleasure to see these kids grow up but hopefully, they will not see me grow old.

I will still see them next year, not as frequent as it used to be though. Anyway, happy holidays everybody and make full use of the one month plus time that you have.