Sunday, November 21, 2010


I don't really follow the chronicle of Harry Potter. But Harry Potter should be a fun movie - with all its magic, wizards, witches, spells, demons and all the computer images. The first time I watched Harry Potter, all the characters were as young as me but now they have all grown much older. And the movie has now developed into an adult movie with scary images and more violent actions. Gone were the days of cute little boys and girls who could perform magic tricks in a school full of people who were born with supernatural powers.

It was a good watch anyway, but I personally feel Harry Potter is now a suspense thriller or horror-action movie. There would be a lot of heart-stopping moments and deafening sounds to accompany the extreme movements on screen.

By the way, I could not find any big poster of this movie outside the cinema for me to take photo with so I had to settle for the tickets instead. Thanks to Zahari and Syahir for the time spent, both at the cinema and the late teh tarik session right after that. Do remember this is only the first part of the movie so we should now wait for its sequel.