Sunday, November 7, 2010


Let sleeping dog lie. What would happen if you try to bother retired CIA agents? There would be a lot of shooting, fighting, chasing and loud explosions.

Why is the title of the movie RED in the first place? RED actually stands for retired and extremely dangerous. So the story revolves around the main character of an ex-CIA agent played by Bruce Willis. The Vice President of the USA is trying to kill him and his other spy friends who once were involved in a mission in Guatemala. These people should by now be staying at home and enjoying their pension but then they are put together again to fight against the evil character. Of course in the end, good guys will overpower the bad guys, even though the good guys are actually old citizens of the USA. And what makes the story more interesting is there is a bit of romance and a bit of comedy put together with all the activities an action movie should have.

My comment: very entertaining. But for school kids out there, "Unstoppable" will be a better movie for you.

Now I wish when I retire I can be like those people in the movie, retired and extremely dangerous.