Saturday, November 6, 2010


If you like non-stop action movie, this is the one movie that you must watch. This time it involves trains and the people manoeuvring them. I guess there is limited use of camera effects or computer generated images in this film if compared to its other genre. In a way, there are less explosions but more speed.

A very simple story line - due to humans' errors, a train carrying hazardous materials is moving on its own without anyone handling it so it has a very high risk of causing high fatalities if it is not stopped on its track. Then all the characters start to come in, and of course with their own subplots and inner conflicts - definitely to make the story more interesting.

The action starts from the very first take and continues right through the end so your movie tickets are worth paying for. I don't mind giving a 5-star rating for this film, I am not a professional critique anyway. But I did enjoy myself tremendously and I would suggest my students to watch it because there is no sexual innuendos whatsoever.

Nevertheless, a lesson learned, nothing is safe. If you think taking an express bus (in Malaysia) will put you in a higher risk of being involved in an accident, you might want to reconsider your view after watching this movie.