Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A continuation from the previous posting, my mission in completing my work was carried out for the next stage today. This time I had to go to Parit Raja but I am already quite familiar with the place.

try to observe the wall decor

Lucky enough, I met an old friend there so we stopped in a restaurant called "Pinang Sebatang". He is a local so he knows better of the food here, and he suggested mee bandung. I must say it was an extravagant of delicious noodles that came in a square-shaped bowl. So thanks Mr. Arif for the suggestion and the company - or else I would be eating KFC again.

lost in the world of colourful munchies

As usual, before heading back home, I never missed the chance to grab a few kinds of "kerepek" - crunchy and crispy food produced mainly from tapioca, yam and banana. A popular snacks among Malaysians, the price was cheaper here than Johor Bahru and I guess the products were fresher.

And only by next week, I shall declare myself an independent man. Just cannot wait for the time to come.