Saturday, November 6, 2010


When was the last time I had a night out session with my friend? It must have been too long that I could not remember when.

At first Mr. Ahmad Zaki came over to discuss school matters. Once he was in my school, but after promotion, he is now teaching in SMK Desa Skudai and is holding the post of Senior Assistant of the Afternoon Session which was previously known as Afternoon Supervisor. I like the latter better than the former though, it just sounds nice.

chicken chop and rice with "daging masak merah" (translate: meat cooked in red?)

As the discussion was quite long, and serious, we needed to get dinner. So off we went to LC Catering, one of the few eating places that I am familiar with in Johor Bahru. Despite the fact that today was public holiday (Deepavali), there were not many people around so we could get our seats easily and the food arrived at our table quite fast. Then only we made our way to Pelangi Leisure Mall for our midnight movie, which I will publish the review right after this. (It must be the high level of excitement)

"teh tarik" at 2:30 a.m.

To make the excursion complete, we had our teh tarik session at one of the restaurants near home. I know that we cannot do this for frequent but we did have a great time of good company, good food and good movie put together.