Friday, November 26, 2010


RED ALERT!!! Husbands, don't bring your wives here! You have been warned!

22nd November, after lunch - The next visit was an introduction to Nilai 3. I have heard of it as a shopping haven especially for women but this would be my first hand experience at this very place. So let's see what we can get from Nilai 3.


materials for women's dresses

the only shop selling men's shirts



framed Islamic calligraphy

handicrafts from Sarawak

and surprisingly, a video arcade in the middle of the shopping area
(specially for bored kids tagging along their parents)

drinks stalls
(quenching our thirst after seeing all the items on sale)

So that was all about my day trip to a few places. I would like to thank again Puan Nooraini and Encik Rahman for their kindness ferrying my friend and I all the way from LCCT Sepang right back to our hotel in Kajang. Hope we can meet again some other time in the future