Friday, November 19, 2010


Officially, today was the last day of school for the year 2010. Again, how time flies! The teachers were extremely busy trying to finish off the work before they go for a month break. However, as a tradition, we had another potluck to celebrate this joyous moment. At the same time, this was a send off party to two teachers who would be transferred to new schools next year.

The main course for today was mee kari (curry noodles) but I could also see laksam and rojak at the side of the buffet table. Eating made people happy and could lessen the stress of working too hard.

Pn. Alyani giving her goodbye speech

Pn. Saemah's turn to address the crowd in the staff room

Farewell gifts exchanged hands

The two teachers who would be going away were
Puan Alyani who asked for a transfer to Sandakan and Puan Saemah who would be moving to Kota Tinggi. Hopefully you both will never forget us here and treasure the wonderful moment here.

So, happy holidays to all my colleagues, at least you should enjoy yourself away from the students for a short while. If you think, this is going to be a long holiday for everybody, that is not necessarily true. Many of the teachers are involved in the SPM examination invigilation which will end quite late this time, and some are involved in the marking of the same exam paper. As for me, I have tonnes of work to do but I will try my very best to not just be like Jack the dull boy.