Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sometimes, it is not easy to find a date to meet someone. So this was actually an outing long overdue. Even though the other brother, Aliff, was not home for semester break, it was now or never. If I had to postpone again, in the end there would be no outing at all. So I guess Aliff would have to wait for another separate outing soon.

two happy people after the movie had ended

If you are in Johor Bahru, and looking for a one-stop place for movies and meals, you will not have many choices. It will be either the City Square or Tebrau City. Due to parking issue, Tebrau City is much more convenient for me and at the same time, it is much nearer and has better traffic flow.

As planned, Ariff and I went to watch "Red" first at 3:30 p.m. which was another excellent action movie. And then only we headed to get our meal. Actually, before this, we went to attend a wedding invitation in Taman Universiti so we had had our lunch earlier. We chose Kenny Roger's which I thought was a brilliant choice because the chicken would be grilled, not fried so that was good news to health.

more pictures of food for you to feast your eyes on

Only after we had eaten, only I realized that Ariff did not get the correct the side dish that he had ordered earlier, the coleslaw was missing and was replaced with a potato dish. Luckily, the store manager who happened to walk past our table noticed the cross look on my face and came to rescue. (I can be very expressive at times!)

Even though the food had been tasted, she was kind enough to replace the order with something else as it was the staff's mistake not to notify us that coleslaw was not available for that day. So, Ariff had an extra macaroni cheese for his plate.

Before I went off, I managed to get a group of ex-students that I had met earlier for a photo session. What a small world. So that was about it. Thanks Ariff for the good time, we should plan for more outing like this when you are on holidays.