Saturday, September 10, 2016


Ms. Noordyana Hassan, an ex-student of SMKTUN from SPM batch 2004, held her wedding reception today at Taman Universiti, Johor Bahru. All her other siblings are also my ex-students and I am no stranger to the parents already. When Noordyana was in Tokyo, doing her Phd, I had the chance to get a free tour guide around Tokyo and Yokohama when I went visiting.

As usual there were many people I saw at the event, especially ex-students. So there were more people I could have conversation with.

the bride's younger brothers

students managing "otak-otak" stall

the bride's cousin #1
the bride's cousin #2

"putu bambu" stall

There are still four wedding receptions from the family in the future, if I am still invited. :)

Congratulations Noordyana and husband. Wishing you a lot of happiness, love and laughter in the future to come.