Monday, September 12, 2016


The hotel I was staying Taipei is strategically located to Ximen area. It is near to the Ximen MRT Station and right on the ground floor, there is a 7-Eleven Store where I could get my that triangular rice (that I could not remember its Japanese name).

Other than that, I went to Ximen commercial area almost every evening - just to walk around or to get the delicious mango shaved ice-cream.

My room was on the 10th floor. The place was definitely too big for me - either I had booked the wrong bedroom or they had given me something much bigger than what I needed. It could easily accommodate 4 people and I had the whole place to myself.

the view from my window

One thing I liked best about the hotel is that there was a coffee-making machine just outside my room. The free-flow of coffee was definitely good as I could have cups (and I really mean CUPS) of coffee in the morning and evening, without fail. I was not sure whether there was any limitation but there was no one telling me that I could only consume a cup of coffee a day.

The staff spoke very little English but I could always get help from the tourists information counters at the MRT stations. My only concern was what should I do if there was an earthquake when I was in my room.

Thanks a lot to Puan Christina Chan for recommending me this place. It is not easy trying to choose the best hotel online by reading all the reviews posted. It is always helpful to get people who have the real experience staying at a specific hotel to give you suggestion for the best place.