Sunday, September 18, 2016


SITUATION: You are a pilot and the plane that you are flying is about to crash. Being an experienced person, will you (A) follow your instinct which tells you where to land safely even though it is risky; OR (B) follow the instructions given by the computer where to land even though it looks almost impossible to land safely? If you like movies on plane crashes, you should watch this film as it is based on a true story, of a pilot had successfully saved the lives of 155 people by crash-landing on the Hudson River. However, his heroic act was questioned as he seemed to have a better option. The focus is not put on the chaotic moment before and after the plane crash though if you are expecting to see that on the screen. There is like a courtroom drama when you will be eagerly waiting for it to end so that the verdict is revealed to the audience.

It is good to get to see Tom Hanks acting again as the main actor.

It may worry me watching this kind of movie actually but I don't think it will stop me from travelling. At least there is a scene which tells people what to do when the situation gets bad when you are high up in the air. :)