Saturday, September 17, 2016


Haiqal's family sending him off at Senai Airport

I am here in Bandung again, for the second time. I am back in the city, with a BIG mission - buying angklung for the school, SMKTUN. I have Mr. Haiqal Johari to accompany as I need the maximum baggage limit of 80 kg to ferry back the angklung home to Malaysia on AirAsia. This would be a very short trip for me to Bandung but I am happy that mission was already accomplished. In fact, the business transaction was settled first as soon as we arrived in Bandung. Let's pray I can get through the Custom checkpoint easily tomorrow with four big boxes of angklung.

meeting ex-colleagues with her daughters who were my ex-students,
and they were also going to Bandung

at the office/house of the tour agency in Bandung

at the angklung factory