Saturday, September 24, 2016


15th September 2016 ~ We were seated again in this very hall in Saung Udjo Angklung in Bandung. The last time we were here was two years ago, but with a bigger number of people from school. Even though we had watched the performance before, we decided to be immersed in the angklung performance one more time. We had actually made a brilliant plan as we found that the programme was not the same with the one presented when we were here in 2014.

The programme was started with a puppet show, then followed by angklung and dance performances by the junior angklung players. More experienced and older ones came in later, with the angklung maestro himself conducting the slots. The most enjoyable session was when everybody in the audience was given an angklung each and was taught how to make music by following the hand gestures of the conductors in the middle of the arena.

Everybody sure had been entertained by the world class angklung performance and wished that it had never ended. Before leaving the place, I managed to watch (and record) a solo angklung performance which was done in the souvenir shop. Too bad I really had to leave this place but I really do not mind going there again many more times.

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