Saturday, September 17, 2016


at Husein Sastranegara International Airport

The angklung finally arrived home safely after travelling thousands of miles across (or over) the ocean. It was not an easy task though to ferry four big boxes on the airline, with all the custom checks and checking in at the counter. I had never had any experience handling heavy luggage as this before. The boxes were actually, thank god, not heavy but they were just bulky.

A few people had to wait for us at Senai Airport as we arrived to bring the angklung to school. Thanks a lot to the people who had been lending their hands, without them I would be sitting by the roadside at the airport with all the big boxes. 

We were all relieved when we went through the local custom checkpoint without any hassle at all.

Thank you also Mr. Syazwan Shavarein for your kindness for first sending me to Senai Airport and picking me up later. I really hope I did not cause him any trouble.

I guess all the hard work had paid off. I just cannot wait to test the new musical instruments.

One more day to rest, before school starts its second half of its second term. *sigh*