Monday, September 5, 2016


can you see how confusing this could be? :)

5th JUNE 2016 ~ This was the most challenging museum visit so far for me. I had to walk for more than 30 minutes along a quiet, long and winding ascending road. I was the only person walking and had to ask the locals I met just to make sure that I would not end up on the top of any mountain. I almost turned back to the MRT station but I kept on walking and searching, telling myself everything would be alright.

This building was originally a hotel known as Kazan Hotel. It was built in 1923 and was heavily influenced by Japanese architecture. In a way, you would be like visiting a Japanese museum in Taiwan.

The place was actually quite small and there were not may exhibits on display. I spent more time walking uphill than exploring this museum.

When I was there, there were about five visitors. Even the person at the ticket counter had a lot of time to entertain me by taking my photos as requested.

Hopefully one day I would have the chance to experience living in a Japanese house like this but there was still a long way to walk downhill to get back to the MRT station.