Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I had more time to explore Taoyuan International Airport as my flight was delayed for two hours. There was a thunderstorm in the morning which had resulted Terminal 2 of the airport was flooded and had affected the operation. Luckily Terminal one stayed dry or else I would be stranded longer on the island.

some sort of poetry on the wall, if I am not mistaken

There was a halal restaurant at the airport. I was expecting halal Chinese/Taiwanese but they were selling food like kebab instead so I did not try any.

the museum shop at the airport

There were a few small scales exhibitions around the place. One of them was this children's art exhibition with the focus on a cartoon character of a blue bear.

One interesting this was that the waiting lounges at the different gates were distinguished by different themes.

There was a praying room available so you should worry no more.

Another small exhibition that I found was on the Taiwanese tops. There were different types of tops put on display - both traditional and modern ones.

I do hope that I could come back to Taiwan some other day and next time, I plan to venture out of Taipei and explore the other parts of the island. So, goodbye Taipei for now and hope to see you again soon.